Best Choice,
Best Value

Best Choice,
Best Value

Quality and Service since 1994. Cheers Liquor Stores

Cheers Liquor Stores : Wines; Spirits; Beers; Liqueurs; Mixers; Knowledge; Service;

Cheers Liquor Stores is a privately owned, independent specialist off-licence. Since 1994 we have acquired a reputation for simply offering quality drinks at incredibly low prices. Now with
four branches in East Lancashire and West Yorkshire and another due to open soon, the BEST CHOICE and the BEST VALUE is never too far away...

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A word from Alan and Gill Smith, proprietors of Cheers Liquor Stores
"We have always intended that Cheers Liquor Stores would give customers the service they really wanted; quality goods, informed choice, and downright refreshing prices. The key to this is communication with our clientele. So if you have a question, a comment, want to enquire after a particular product or make a reservation, this is the part for you.
We would also be interested in anything we could put on this Website for other visitors; have you a cocktail recipe? A serving suggestion? A storage idea? A gripe? Send it in and share it with the world! You can remain anonymous if you wish."

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Now is the time to make that perfect Pimms

  • 1 measure of Pimms (50ml)
  • 3 measures of Lemonade, Ginger Ale or Tonic Water
  • Slices of Lemon, Orange, Apple, Cucumber and a sprig of Mint
  • All served in a tall glass with ice  


Al's top tips for Summer Wines

Goyenechea Merlot Rosť from Argentina; dry and fruity, a true Rosť for those who know the difference.  Currently on offer at £4.75/bottle 

Sutter Home White Zinfandel, a light and fruity California Blush Wine.  Currently available at £4.00/bottle


Please let us have your comments and questions (we have even begun to answer our e-mails!) and we will get this news spot running smoothly again very soon.


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